Land’s End Canvas Line

Land’s End Canvas Line

landsendcanvascoatThe New Land’s End Canvas Line

Land’s End is trying to refresh it’s image.  Back in early November they launched their new line called “Land’s End Canvas” and it’s most certainly targeted at the under 40 crowd.  Fits are trimmer, clothes have much more style to them, and while they’re still affordable, they do carry with them a bit more of a price tag.

Their straight fit jeans are about $40, as are their chinos.  And you get the feeling that there’s no way you’ll ever see pleats on a pair of Land’s End Canvas pants (yay).  Long sleeve shirts are around $30 and sweaters are $40 and up.  Outerwear like this Cotton three season Pea Coat is $80 or under.  They don’t have a ton of items to choose from yet, but it’s a solid start in a new direction.

landsendcanvassweaterThey’re even making shoes.  Everything from boat shoes, to the very trendy desert boot, to some classic American Sneakers that frankly look better than the well loved Dappered favorite Jack Purcell Converse.

And if this commitment to a “new-vintage” look  in their clothes isn’t enough, their first retail stores are using reclaimed wood from torn down barns in Wisconsin.

J. Crew probably isn’t shaking in their desert boots quite yet, but, the Land’s End Canvas Line is certainly a new casual clothing option worth keeping your eye on.