J. Crew Cotton Ludlow Suit

J. Crew Cotton Ludlow Suit

J. Crew Cotton Ludlow Suit – $366.00

JCrewCottonSuitinteriorEven though the snow is still flying, retailers are starting to debut their spring lines in a competition for your dollar.  Congrats to J. Crew who with their new arrivals has already won the season with the must-have affordable cotton suit of 2010.

Cotton suits have thankfully made a well deserved resurgence in the last few years.  Your suits should be tailored, and therefor, the most comfortable pieces of clothing you own.  Cotton only aides that comfort during the warmer months.

The fabric on the  J. Crew Cotton Ludlow Suit is a light gray with a fine stripe making it interesting but not obnoxious.  The jacket is a bit shorter than a classic fit, the lapels are perfect in their slimness, and the shoulders look to be almost totally natural.

Wear it to a spring or summer wedding and guaranteed you’ll be the best looking guy in the room.  Way better than the poor groom in his rented wool tux.  This thing begs to be worn out to dinner on a patio when the days are hot and the nights fade only to warm.  Whether you’ll wear it in Las Vegas, Barcelona, or Boise, it’s a great idea to buy it now so you can have it tailored and ready to wear come mid-spring.

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