Drew Brees’s Press Conference Hat

Drew Brees’s Press Conference Hat

Why Drew Brees’s Hat Means the Colts will Win the Super Bowl

(UPDATE:  WRONG… Congrats to Brees, the Saints, and the City of New Orleans.  They played with heart, plenty of guts, and Coach Payton made a heck of a call with the on-sides kick.  That said, I hope Brees cuts his hair.)

Never bet on a guy with a comb over.  It’s an obvious crack in the foundation of his psyche.  A comb over shows that the man underneath it would rather live in a world of denial than  embrace what everyone else so easily sees.

And that which everyone else so easily sees is this:

Drew Brees is losing his hair.

And so what?  Who cares about his hair?  Drew’s a good looking guy, a terrific leader, and someone who in the last few years has dealt with a host of pretty strange family issues, and he’s come out on the other side for the better.

But someone does care.  How else do you explain the long hair and  the hide it all hat in the press conference?  The guy can stand in the pocket and deliver a precise pass to a receiver 25 yards down the field but he doesn’t want the world to see the top of his scalp:

Drew Brees discusses the Saints before the 2009-10 season.  Click for the full video

Drew Brees discusses the Saints before the 2009-10 season. Click for the full video

Troy Aikman said something during the NFC Championship game that we all should remember.  Towards the end of the game and into overtime, Drew Brees wasn’t throwing spirals.  Maybe it was a hand injury, but maybe it was also hesitation.  His confidence shuddered just enough that the ball started to wobble.

Brees has more poise and confidence than 99.9% of us.  That’s obvious.  But the comb over raises not just a red flag about what’s going on inside his head.  A comb over also says something about the people he’s surrounded by.

It says that even though he’s doing something to slightly embarrass himself and more importantly limit his growth as a person, the people around him just can’t find a way to say: “Dude… we know you’re losing your hair.  Keep it short or buzz it off already, you’ll look ten times better.”

peyton-manningI like Brees.  I like the Saints.  I have nothing against the man or the organization whose team he leads on the field.  And perhaps this is reading too much into one man’s choice of head wear for a post-game press conference.  But, ask yourself this:  Would Peyton Manning ever wear a hat to conceal a receding hair line?

Probably not.

That’s why you should pick the Colts to win the Superbowl.

Because that ball won’t wobble for Peyton.  Big ol’ Forehead or not.