Christina Hendricks Golden Globe Cleavage (VIDEO)

Christina Hendricks Golden Globe Cleavage (VIDEO)

The Cleavage Threshold


Cleavage + Underboob = Too Much

Forget about the Men… Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks was the best dressed woman at the 2010 Golden Globes.  Some have said she was one of the “worst dressed” of the evening because of the abundant cleavage she had on display.

Here’s why those people are dead wrong.  It was the right KIND of cleavage.

Cleavage, especially if a woman has a bombshell figure, can cross the threshold from heart stopping to trashy extremely quick.  And that threshold is when you start seeing underboob.

Sorry Mariah.  Your dueling flesh avalanches have crossed the Cleavage Threshold. —->

Sure there’s an argument that if a woman is THAT well endowed, maybe she should make an effort to keep the girls under wraps… period.

But awards show dresses are supposed to be glamorous.  And it’s tough to find a glamorous dress that would, uh… compensate for the “blessings” of Ms. Hendricks, that wouldn’t make her look older than her very young 34 years of age.  Her dress was gorgeous, she looked fantastic, and she didn’t even come close to the Cleavage Threshold.

Take a closer look:


Nice Stink Eye from the Lady on the Right.

Not a sign of underboob.  Over three quarters of her breasts are covered.

It’s just that they’re… well they’re just really damn big.

Besides, what is she supposed to do?  Throw a utility tarp over her chest every time there’s an awards show?


Nope. Doesn't work. Okay, it kinda does.

You’ve got to feel some sort of empathy for her husband.  Because he’s her date for all of these things, and he knows precisely what two things the world will be focused on when his wife is in front of the camera:

Boy.  Poor Bastard.

I sure do feel sorry for him.

*And while we’re at it, here’s a list of clothes women most certainly hate. Memorize, and burn any that you have. Failure to do so will shoot your chances with any woman who looks like Ms. Hendricks.

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