Canvas Band Watches

Canvas Band Watches

Three Canvas Band Watches

Metal or Leather?  That’s usually the question when someone asks which kind of watch band you prefer.  Canvas rarely comes up.  It’s cast aside like those tiny boxes of raisins at the bottom of a kids trick or treat bag.  Too organic, too rough, kinda plain looking.  The shiny and slick candy gets consumed first, and the shriveled up grapes get left to whither further, fully off the vine.

(which makes it all the more tragic, doesn’t it?)

Ditch the wrist Skittles when you need to roll up your sleeves and get dirty.  Embrace the raisins.  Here’s three suggestions for a durable, washable, canvas band watch.  Because unlike a $250 dress watch, a scratch here or a ding there will only give these canvas watches more character.

citzcan21. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Canvas Watch – $129.00

I don’t know if the Boy Scouts of America have an official watch, but if they don’t, this would be a fine choice.  Dark green canvas band, a black face, and a bright red second hand give it that camping/in the field look.  It’s a chrono so you can use it as a stop watch, and it has a small dial dedicated to military time.  It’s powered by light so you’ll never have to worry about a battery.


nixonwatch2. Nixon Private Watch – $89.95

Attractive in its simplicity.  The Nixon Canvas Band Private Watch has a round stainless steel case, black canvas band, and hands and numbers that are reminescent of aircraft control panel dials.  You’ll find that same look on much more expensive watches.  Also comes with a white face if you so desire.

TimexCanvas13. Timex Men’s Expedition Watch – $58.48

The Most affordable of the three.  It’s stainless steel, it’s tough, it tells time.  It’s a Timex.  Out in the woods, can’t find your flashlight and have to go take a leak?  This one has indiglo.  No flashlight needed to find the zipper on your tent, and the zipper on your pants.

Nixon at ShopStyle