Buy smaller martini glasses

Buy smaller martini glasses

Esquire’s Advice: Buy Smaller Martini Glasses

Thank goodness Esquire finally said it.

The proliferation of gigantic Martini Glasses is starting to feel like the Nuclear Arms race during the cold war.  There comes a point where bigger just isn’t better… nor necessary.

Martini Glasses are actually called cocktail glasses. And you should have a few.  But make sure you buy ones that don’t have the massive bowls many martini glasses are sporting these days.  12 oz… too much.  10 oz… too much.  You want a small enough bowl that if some prissy beauty queen ordered a chocloatini on her birthday, she’d be pissed at how little sugary sweetness came her way.

You don’t want a cocktail glass that could substitute as a summer home for a few guppies or betta fish.  Nor should you have any that Dita Von Teese might try to squeeze into.

Keep them 7 oz or smaller. That’s plenty of room for your gin or vodka (or both), but they won’t be confused for cordial glasses either.  The Basic Martini Glass from CB2 has the perfect size (7 oz), classic shape, and cheap price that would make a great buy for someone looking to upgrade their home bar.

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