Woolrich Civil War Blankets – $82 – $119

Woolrich Civil War Blankets – $82 – $119

Woolrich Civil War Blanket – $82 – $119

Face it.  It’s cold out.  And sometimes it’s just more efficient to throw on another layer as opposed to turning up the heat.  But let’s make one thing clear:  Under no circumstances should that next layer be a Snuggie.

Snuggies are like Crocs for your torso.  They immediately distinguish those with a shred of self dignity from those without.  They look like the mascot costume for a University who has inexplicably picked “The Fightin’ Gravy” as their team name.

Okay… maybe the self dignity comment was a little harsh.

Instead of a blanket with sleeves, (which by the way you could make yourself using nothing but a blanket AND A STAPLER) get something even the toughest of the tough have used over the last 150 years to stay warm.

Woolrich has been cranking out quality, American Made outdoor gear for the last 178 years.  These Blankets are replicas of the exact same ones they provided to Union Troops during the  Civil War.  And if they were good enough for them, you better believe it’ll be good enough for you.

Especially if you own a snuggie.