Tommy Hilfiger Fieldhouse Collection

Tommy Hilfiger Fieldhouse Collection

Tommy Hilfiger Fieldhouse Luggage Collection | $50, $90, and $140

It’s too bad that it looks like Tommy Hilfiger is moving out what’s left of their Fieldhouse Collection.  The woven polyester/canvas-looking sides, classic golden age of travel styling, and leather accents will be missed.  That is, if they truly are being discontinued.

The regular duffel was a personal purchase over a year ago and it seems like each time I get it out for a trip, a friend or stranger will ask me where I got it.  Traveling can be an uncomfortable, dreary, pain.  Why not at least try to recall through tangible action just how exciting traveling used to be?

Believe it or not it used to be fun.  Kinda glamorous too.  And people also used to make sure they, and their luggage, had at least a bit of cleaned up style before they walked onto a plane, train, or boat.  Which when you think about it, makes sense.  You dress up when you go to Church right?  The Captain of the Plane seems to have just as much of an impact on your fate as the Head of your House of Worship.  Show some respect for the folks in the cockpit.

Because at the very least, unlike the pulpit, they tend to keep their speeches short.

We live in a Motel 6 Culture.  This luggage collection has the feel of an old downtown high rise hotel, or a luxury lakeside resort.  And now with it being on sale, you can get one or two pieces for a Comfort Inn Suites price.

(Pieces come in up to three color schemes. We suggest the brown, cream, and burgundy.)