Reason #12 to Not Look Like a Schlub

Reason #12 to Not Look Like a Schlub

Reason #12 To Not Look Like A Schlub – The Pam in your Office.

There’s a Pam (or two) in every office.  Maybe your office’s Pam is dressed down, covered under an avalanche of clothes that aren’t necessarily that feminine.  Her outfits scream to the fluorescents above: “I don’t want to be here.

And maybe you also don’t want to be there.  But you are there.  And she’s there.  And you know she’ s gorgeous, and maybe she knows you’ve noticed her.

And the two of you get along.  But know this.  If you dress like Dwight… you won’t get her attention.  At least not in a good way.

Toss your pale yellow shirts, ugly weird geometric-patterned ties, and boring Men’s Wearhouse mud brown suits.  Clean up.  Get a new suit.  Visit a tailor.  Look like you have the potential of owning, or at least running the place.

And keep making those totally “spontaneous” passes by her desk to say hi.  You’ll stand out amongst the legions of taupe draped man-frumps who thunder by her desk every day.  Dressing better than what your surroundings demand doesn’t mean you think you’re better than your surroundings.  It means you’re prepared for whatever might happen that day.

And maybe it’s an after work drink with your office’s version of The Office’s Pam.

(Jenna Fischer Plays Pam Beesly on NBC’s The Office.  And we thank the peacock network for that.)



(Pictures taken from here, here, and here.  Need a more extensive Jenna Fischer Photo Gallery? has an obsessive 181 pictures of her in their collection.)