Reason #118 to not Look like a Schlub

Reason #118 to not Look like a Schlub

Reason #118 to not look like a Schlub – Rachel Weisz on Letterman.

You’ve got to give her credit.  She’s a Mom, she’s about to turn 40, and she has the constitution to go on Letterman and almost make Dave’s head explode.  I can’t imagine the number of chemicals that started firing off inside the ol’ Horn Dog’s brain when she brought up what her 3-year-old son Henry is into these days:

It’s obvious but… that’s a hell of a dress.  Because… it’s a hell of a dress.  And imagine running into someone like that, wearing a dress like that, and you’re in your Pajama Pants.  She’s got on the perfect mix of class and sex, and you look like you’re ready to go to a PTA meeting.




Yeah… better to leave the house looking decent.  Y’know, just in case.

(All Photos for Esquire by James White)