Rogue Brewery Bed And Beer

Rogue Brewery Bed And Beer

Newport Oregon – $ 90 Per Night

Breakfast?  Make you’re own friggin’ breakfast.

The Rogue Brewery and Distillery is based in the not too big and not too small Oregon Coastal town of Newport.  It’s a stunningly beautiful area where pine trees and beaches seem to co-exist.  The world headquarters for the Rogue beer empire and spirits business sit on one side of the bay, while their public house sits on the other.

Go there.  Take the Rogue brewery tour.  Then the distillery tour.  Do plenty of sampling.  Buy some Gin and get a hat.  Walk on the beach, and then have more beers at the public house across the water.  Sounds like at the end of the evening you’ll be taking a cab back to your Motel right?  Wrong. Rogue has ensured you won’t have to worry about that.  Just walk upstairs.

Well, if you have reservations walk upstairs.  If you don’t… then good luck with the cab.

There are three fully furnished and for-rent rooms above the bar at the public house.  They’ve got superior rates for the location and come with a bunch of terrific amenities.  No Breakfast will be provided … BUT… you will get a fully furnished apartment with a kitchen (where you can… make breakfast!) 44oz of free Rogue beer, and a couple of pint glasses.  There’s a single bedroom apartment for rent as well as a couple of two-bedroom places.  And don’t forget Butch and his bar downstairs.  Talk about an amenity.  He’ll keep the brutal bitter and fresh popcorn shrimp going as long as you want him to.  You’ll have to pay for that… but… it’s well worth it.

Want to pay even less for the rooms and your pints?  Sign up for Rogue Nation.  That’s the card carrying club which is free to sign up for.  Not a bad idea since it gets you massive discounts on everything from each beer to your room upstairs.

Use a cell phone in the bar at your own risk.  Because if Butch and the regulars notice (they will) they’ll firmly, loudly, and gently kick you out to the street to finish your call.  They do take their beer seriously.  As well they should.  And after you’re done taking many of those beers seriously with everyone else, you’ll have a comfortable place to lay your head.